Tampere Central Arena

In the heart of Tampere

Tampere Central Arena is a project aiming to build a new multifunctional-arena in Tampere. The Arena will be above the railway, located south from Sori bridge, near both Tampere railway- and bus station. The Sori bridge and the Arena will be connected to each other with a deck. The new deck, which will include both business premises and apartment buildings, will regenerate the city of Tampere in many ways.


The project is managed by Tampere Central Arena Ltd and NCC-company. The co-operation with the City of Tampere, VR (national railway-company) and Trafi are essential for the project to come true. As expert-organizations the project has heard Oy VR-Rata Ab, Ramboll Finland Oy, Sport and Live Vision, J.R.A Consulting, Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy, Deloitte, Ilves-Hockey Oy and Tamhockey Oy.

World famous architect Daniel Libeskind

During the spring 2010, the world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind joined the planning-group. Libeskinds job was to plan the area so that the arena and buildings that will be related to it, will fit in the ensemble of the city. The vision of Mr. Libeskind represents a new and innovative architecture that hasn’t been seen in Tampere, or even in Finland, before.

Owners and administration

Tampere Central arena is owned by Ilves-Hockey, Tamhockey, Kirves Sijoitus Oy and Arena Holding Tampere Oy, each with an equal share.

A real multifunctional arena

The arena is going to be a real multifunctional arena where there can be many different events. Besides ice hockey there will be concerts, other sport events, ice shows, figure skating, fairs and much more. It is expected that 54 % of the income will come from ice hockey and 46 % from other events. The arena will do its best to get the customers to enjoy. For example there will be more than 50 works of art made by artists from Tampere region. The idea of the Central arena is to be more of a centre with different happenings than a multifunctional arena.

New possibilities for Ilves and Tappara

For the two Tampere ice-hockey teams, Ilves and Tappara, the new arena will give new possibilities to develop their activity and to expand the possibilities to get new supporters. The target is to give top ice hockey more resources. That could not have been possible in the old Hakametsä ice hall. Also Tampere-house, that is located nearby, will get remarkable better possibilities to offer bigger events and happenings. It will now be possible to arrange world class concerts indoors in a cosy warm Arena in Tampere.

A Home arena for Tampere ice hockey teams that works

The arena will take over 11.000 spectators,up to 14.000 during concerts. It will have 50 skyboxes and a parking-house for 700 cars. There will also be a training arena connected to the actual Arena. It is planned that Ilves and Tappara in the future will take the Arena as their home arena and their offices as well as their fan shops will be located in the Arena.

Activities also when no event is going on

It is planned that the Arena also includes business premises, for example for gym, sport shops, fan shops and for restaurants. The first floor of the Arena is planned for this and will be open even when no event is going on. It is also planned that schools and other sport teams will get ice time both at the Arena and in the training hall. The ice will also be used  for ice skating for the public, whenever it is possible.

Discussions about financing is going on

The city of Tampere has in spring 2010 decided to join the project. The city will take part in the building costs with 22,4 million euro. Negotiations with private investors have also started. 91 million will come from private investors of which 50 million will be financed with long term loans.

Ready in 2017

The construction time for the arena is planned to be three years. The plan is that construction will begin in spring 2014 and the arena will be ready in 2017. The city government approved the city plan and the building permit for the arena on 13.06.2011.

Public traffic preferred

It is planned that there will be a connection both from the bus-station as well as from the railway-station.  The parking will be solved by building a parking-house which includes about 700 parking spots. The training hall will be located on the roof of the parking house and there will be a connection from both to the arena. The small amount of parking spots indicates that the visitors should use public transportation, that is both available an well working in this area.

The center of the city will regenerate

The arena will be a part of a larger consortium that includes offices, hotels, apartments and much more. These will all support each other. These activities will give the arena a possibility to be open even when there is no proper event. The character of the arena will attract other business like this and it is expected that the area around the arena will stimulate people in Tampere and will prevent the centre to devastate in the evenings.

Huge financial impact

The point in time for building the arena is perfect. The employment effects of the project are significant. A research made by Deloitte shows that the arena and deck project will have a financial effect that gives the area 360 new jobs during the construction and on the last year even 630. The project will give an increment value of 119 million Euro during the construction and 134 million per year when finished. The numbers after that are even more impressive. The project gives about 2.300 permanent jobs, and gives the city of Tampere about 8 million income in taxes per year.  

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